The fiber reinforcement composite materials market is constantly changing and constantly expanding. New products are generating new ideas and application areas. Today, those application areas are being further expanded. Through the new levels of stiffness and strength at low weight, that super fiber technology brings to the production and use of composite materials.

The physical characteristics of advanced fiber reinforcement composite materials offer wide range to the creative design technology. The strength and stiffness at low weight, plus the stability that advanced fiber reinforcement composites offer to promote long and reliable life.

The case of automotive industry is increasingly realizing that advanced fiber reinforcement composite materials can bring. Through their stiffness, strength and light weight and from the high corrosion resistance properties that they offer. All of which means advanced fiber reinforcement composites are suitable for a wide range of applications. The current fuel economy and CO2 emissions will push the composites boundaries further to advanced composite structures.

In aerospace, the advantages of weight reduction, plus good torsional strength can contribute in places like wings, landing gear and many more structural components. The Airbus A380 and Boeing 777 are good examples of a airplanes with high composites content. And in military applications the remarkable strength and impact resistance that advanced fiber reinforcement composites add to composites makes them high performers in armoured applications. They also have characteristics which make them ideal for use in applications like radomes, because they are transparent to radar signals.

In sport fields all over the world, composite material products are also enhancing performances. Indoors or outdoors. Summer and winter. Wherever there is a need for equipment that combines strength and stiffness with light weight, there is a need for materials that include super fiber products from T4L. This T4L bike is a good example of sporting product made of carbon fiber.

The advantages of using super fiber products in composites are being demonstrated in an exceptionally extensive range of applications. At heart of these composites of course, are the advanced fiber composite materials. Like all types of high performance polyethylene and aramid fibers, carbon fibers, ceramic and glass fibers. These can be in the form of tubular and flat braided products. And T4L can manufactured the all type composites using them.

To consistently ensure that you get the right product for your own particular application requires more than T4L's depth of knowledge and experience in dealing with the versatile possibilities that advanced fiber reinforcement composite materials can offer. So at T4L, we can also offer an consulting service. Acting as your partner to ensure that the advanced fiber reinforcement composite materials are specified.

We'll even help in assessing the production techniques that suit your own particular requirements best. For less complex problems, all we generally need to know are few basic dimensions, the desired material sizes… and your order is quickly and efficiently completed. It's better that way. Because it means you get precisely what you want. This approach also helps cost efficiency… and that in turn is reflected in the competitive price we can offer.

The rapidly changing face of the composites market demands flexibility to meet its challenges. Plus the knowledge and experience to often anticipate them.

T4L has that flexibility, knowledge and experience. We also have the support and continuing backup of comprehensive research and development into new composites.