The practice training to be based on the theory of Fiber reinforcement composite materials promotes understanding on molding principle, molding method and the use of materials and equipments used in the molding process, and learn the practical skills in the filed.


Fiber Reinforcement Composite Materials Basic skills and Application of Technology Practice
  • Overview of Composite Materials Overview, Characteristics, History and Classification of Composite Materials

  • Understanding of Composite Materials Understanding about Reinforcement and Matrix

  • Composite Materials Manufacturing Methods Overview and Practice of Composite Materials Molding Method

  • Composite Material Application Product Manufacturing Methods Production Method Planning and Practice for Various Fields of Composite Materials

3D Modeling and Mold Design Practice
  • Composite Materials Design and Analysis Design Basic Theory 2D and 3D Design Techniques and Interpretation

  • Mold Design and Processing for Mass Production Understanding about Reinforcement and Matrix

Composite Materials Repair Technology Practice
  • Understanding of Composite Repair Case and Methods of Composites Repair

  • Composite Materials Repair Practice Braking Cases and Segmental Repair Practice